Looking for a job doesn't have to suck.

Most resumes are designed to showcase opportunity, not potential. Most cover letters never get read. And why is there no follow-up or feedback for anyone except a very lucky few?

The traditional job search process is designed to maintain the status quo, but we can do better.

Find good jobs

Handprint is a new kind of jobs platform that connects workers of all kinds with good jobs.

We make it easy for you to find meaningful work.

Values-aligned companies

Companies that prioritize worker happiness and engagement, not just profit. Explore company profiles and get to know your next potential employer.

Transparent job listings

Job descriptions that set clear and meaningful expectations so you know salary, benefits, and more up front—before you even apply.

Easy applications

Skip the cover letters (and soon, the resume, too!). Identify jobs that are right for you, upload your resume, and answer one relevant application question.

Find good jobs

When it comes to your job, it's not just about what you do—it's about where and how you work, who you work with, and why you do what you do.

Wait until you see what’s next!

We're proud of our brand new platform, but we're just getting started! We have a lot of exciting things planned to make your job search easier and your new job a great fit.

  • We're rebooting the resume. It's time for us to leave behind this archaic tool designed to maintain privilege and pedigree.
  • We're increasing communication. Our platform will include application status updates, as well as direct messaging, scheduling and video interviews.
  • We're pro-level matchmakers. You apply for fewer jobs and get more opportunities because we know how to spot potential and identify skills that regular resumes miss.
  • We're serious about collaboration. Our job seeker community benefits from tons of free resources, professional development, and connection with folks on the same journey.

Find meaningful work. Find great talent.

Job seekers get exciting career opportunities and advice, networking and other development opportunities.

Employers get thought leadership on progressive, inclusive, and justice-aligned hiring, employment and engagement practices.

No spam. No BS.