Hiring practices are broken, but we are fixing them.

Traditional hiring is a mess, but Handprint is here to save the day—ditching the flood of boring cover letters and inflated resumes and giving you smart tools that actually pin down talent, values, and skills that fit your team like a glove.

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Handprint is a new kind of hiring platform that connects you with more diverse, engaged, and values-aligned talent for good jobs.

Your hiring practices should reflect your values


Skills-based job descriptions, anti-bias profiles, and values-first company profiles means you attract talented people from a wide range of backgrounds.


Finding the right talent is your best investment. We value quality over quantity so you don’t waste time sifting through too many applicants and bland cover letters.


Thoughtful use of AI, easy and affordable job posts, and a platform that was specifically for people-first companies so you continue to see results.

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A special offer while we're in beta

If your organization needs to update your hiring practices to match your values, we have just the thing.

Prepay for one job posting (just $495, job credits never expire), and as a thank you, we'll build your Company Profile for free.

Transparent and affordable pricing.

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That's it. No hidden fees. Pay a one-time, flat fee to post a job for 30 days. Spend your time finding the right candidate, not trying to understand pricing.

Hiring, reinvented.

1. You catch what you fish for.

Too many applicants are applying to jobs at companies they don't understand. Build your Company Profile to attract the right diverse, driven, and values-aligned candidates.

2. Talk about what matters.

Traditional job descriptions are focused on the what. Engaged employees are focused on the how and the why.

3. The past doesn’t predict the future.

Job seeker applications will emphasize skill and potential, not privilege and opportunity.

Features in the pipeline

We're proud of our platform—and we're just getting started! We have a lot of exciting new features in the works.

  • We're rebooting the resume. Get a more well-rounded view of applicants as we replace the traditional resume to mitigate bias and help you know more about your candidates upfront.
  • We're increasing communication. Our platform will include end-to-end application status updates, as well as direct messaging, scheduling and video interviews.
  • We're pro-level matchmakers. You get fewer, but better-fit candidates to save time and help you find the right fit, faster. Smart matching algorithms between job opportunities and talent profiles.
  • We're serious about collaboration. Our community of people-first impact companies benefits from tons of free resources, leadership development, and features designed especially for you.

Find meaningful work. Find great talent.

Job seekers get exciting career opportunities and advice, networking and other development opportunities.

Employers get thought leadership on progressive, inclusive, and justice-aligned hiring, employment and engagement practices.

No spam. No BS.