We are Handprint

Handprint is a women-owned and led Social Purpose Corporation that believes in the power of business as a force for good, and the capacity of companies to change the world with the help of a more diverse, engaged, and innovative workforce.

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Our Manifesto

At Handprint, we believe in this world where businesses prioritize purpose, people, and the planet. Where profit is neither the only goal nor the only metric for measuring success. Where businesses strive not just to be responsible, but to do no harm every day. A world where companies act in the interests of all stakeholders — including planet Earth and other species, not just shareholders. But if we are to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals put forth by the United Nations, it will require a multitude of efforts from the private sector, governments, NGOs, and individual citizens. And while there is no time to waste, humans are remarkable innovators, especially in the face of known challenges. We can do this!

  • Engagement is key

    Companies that work to bring forth a more sustainable future, while honoring the planet and improving human lives, will perform better with a highly-talented, engaged, and aligned team. But currently, we are not realizing our collective human potential. In reality, we're far from it. Globally, fewer than two in ten people are engaged in their work, and the cost of this sad reality is seismic. If we are to achieve our sustainability goals, our relationship to work must evolve.

  • Serve a greater purpose

    Handprint was founded on the belief that everyone who feels compelled to search for meaningful work - to ask how they can be a contribution - deserves to find opportunities to make a difference. We envision a future where we approach our careers by looking at the needs of the world, examining our unique passions, interests, and talents, and choosing to serve a purpose greater than ourselves.

  • We're all in this together

    We dream of a world where we each show up and strive to be our best selves every day. Where we are confident in leveraging our unique strengths, and recognized for our individual contributions. We also understand and celebrate the fact that we are dependent upon each other and have a responsibility to protect the interests of future generations. We prioritize We over Me and commit to the practice of building a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

  • Work for a better future

    We all want to use our talents in service of something that matters. After our basic survival and security needs are met, humans long to infuse significance and meaning in their lives. Handprint is here to foster connections between those of us who want our work to matter and companies that are building a better world. We're here to stoke the fire of the purpose economy and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work toward a better future for all.

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    To fuel an economy driven by purpose beyond profit and usher in a new paradigm of sustainable, shared prosperity.

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    To connect purpose-driven companies with values-aligned talent, level the playing field for all who are seeking meaningful work opportunities, and reimagine the hiring process to make it easier for organizations to build diverse, engaged teams.

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    We envision a just and sustainable world in which work is dignified, businesses are regenerative, and success is defined as better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Core Values

  1. Equity, Justice, & Belonging

    We believe everyone has value and deserves fair treatment and equal opportunity.

  2. Do the right thing

    Lead through action and practice good stewardship.

  3. Work hard and be a contribution

    Be accountable. Own your responsibilities. Outcome over ego.

  4. Sustainable growth and continuous improvement

    As an individual. As a team. As a society.

  5. Stay curious

    Curiosity opens hearts and minds, fosters empathy, drives innovation, and helps us adapt to a constantly changing world.

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